Return to Water Letter to Parents

27th June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

We are finally seeing the light and are delighted to announce that training will recommence next Monday, 29th June 2020. We have attached the Tallaght Swim Team Toolkit and it is extremely important that each parent/guardian reads all documents completely and go through the new protocols with your swimmer prior to coming back to training.

This information will also be available on our website and training allocation based on those who signed up are visible on Team Unify and on the On-Deck app. Please note the name of

the training group your swimmer is in is NOT a reflection of the squad prior to Covid. Training hours was allocated based on the age of the swimmer to fully comply with Swim Ireland Return to Water safety procedures.

As is our new protocols there are a number of forms that must be signed and agreed, we ask that the following are signed and then either scanned or simply take a picture on your phone and email to before Sunday evening, 28th June 2020.

1. New Code of Conduct for Swimmers and Parents x 2 forms (To follow in separate email)

2. Return to Water Self Declaration Form

As we are currently running a waiting list of swimmers who want to return, we are asking all parents/guardians to advise if there is a session that your child simply cannot attend due to other commitments, this session can then be allocated against a swimmer on the waiting list which will allow them get at least one hour a week. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the fees in this regard. Please email

In order to return to swimming each swimmer will be required to complete a number of temperature checks.

  1. Each swimmer is required to take their temperature prior to leaving home for their session. If their temperature is 38 degrees or higher, we ask that the swimmer stay at home and notify the coach.
  2. Each swimmer must also complete a self-screening form prior to attending each

training session. This form is available under team resources on the team unify log
in through the website (not available through on deck), this is sent automatically to the Covid 19 Officer (Stephen Cassidy) who will agree with the coach that the training session can go ahead with all swimmers listed, if a form is not submitted then a swimmer will NOT gain entry to the session. If a swimmer answers YES to any of the questions on the declaration, then they are NOT allowed train. Covid Self Screening Training Session Form

There will be a few new procedures introduced to ensure that there is always social distancing. These procedures must always be strictly observed and failure to comply may result in the session being cancelled. Please bear with Paraic and the Covid Compliance Officer at the beginning of each session as they go through the new protocols. initially this may take sometime but soon will become part of the normal swim routine.


The fees are the best the Tallaght Swim Team Committee can do considering not all activities are back for the team and the costs that are incurred to use the facility during these times.

A/B Summer20 €50.00 per month (July & August) = €2.50 per session

C Summer 20 €40.00 per month (July & August) = €2.96 per session

If any parent has any issues or concerns around the implementation of the Covid 19 protocols, please feel free to contact any of the executive committee and we will endeavour to resolve them.

This is the new norm, so let us embrace it and keep our swimmers safe. But please remember if showing symptoms then please DO NOT TURN UP for training.

Thanking you in advance,

Martina Comerford Chairperson