Interested in becoming a member of Tallaght Swim team? You can download or register online. If you have questions regarding which form to use, contact

Registration/Membership Forms

The Membership Forms are available for new / renewing members who do not have a current membership. We are very busy trying to input registration in the database and will not have time to respond to emails/phone calls that just want to verify registration.
We are very busy trying to input registration in the database and will not have time to respond to emails/phone calls that just want to verify registration.

Membership Types & Fees

Full member A Full Membership should attend 50% of training & 12 monthly €40 payment unless cleared by the committee for no less than 9 payments direct into club ac, standing order if possible (eligible to go on the committee). This also includes full access to the Gym at the complex.

PAYG Member ( Pay As You GO induction member) One session Thurs evening PAYG induction member €6 per swim (for swimmers who want to phase/integrate into the club, to build up their ability to become a full member) Also all SI affiliated members can PAYG per session open to all sessions.

Limited membership A member with Limited membership will pay €28 per mth and avail of no more than 2 sessions per wk any session attended after this is €6 per session.

Absent member Absent members pay annual fee €150 + SI Membership not actively swimming with the club, down as an official working for SI,

Honorary Member Honorary Membership has reduced fee 10 % for services given served over 6 yrs. on the committee and full membership,

Lifetime Member A Lifetime Member is (Example) Marion Lane Coach swimmer and committee member membership is automatic for services rendered.

Leaving Tallaght Swim Team and Join another club

If a member wishes to leave Tallaght Swim Team and join another club they must follow Swim Ireland transfer rule (6.9 Swim Ireland Rule Book)

Membership fees Monthly

Membership fees shall be monthly and should be paid before the end of that calendar month. Any variation from this must be agreed by the management committee.

The membership year shall run from the 1st of September to the 31st of August of each year

Club fees will be determined by the management committee.

Club Fee

Membership of the Club is on an annual basis with Club fees paid monthly and in advance. Invoices will be issued by the Club Treasurer by email at the beginning of each month.

Club Fees can be paid through EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer – through either internet or phone banking. It is very important to ensure you put a reference of your swimmers name or account number (which is located on your bill) when paying by EFT.

If you pay your bill over the counter by bank lodgment please email the Club Treasurer as soon as the payment is lodged, with the lodgment docket number.
Our Bank details are:

A/C Name: Tallaght Swim Team
Sort Code: 90-61-60
A/C No: 82379834

If you have any queries regarding Club fees please contact the Club Treasurer, Kathy Tully
via email at

Squad Fee ’s 2018 – 2019

(per month):
Transition 2 €30 B2 €55 Jnr A2 €65 A €85
Transition 1 €40 B1 €60 Jnr A €70
C2 & C1 €45 A3 €35 A2 €75 July and August Fee’s €25 per month for all swimmers due to the reduced training hours.

All members must complete the form

All members must complete a standard application form.

Copy of Form

The Club will ensure that all members will be issued with a copy and/or access to an electronic copy of the Constitution upon joining the Club or upon first renewal of the membership after the date that the Club adopts the Constitution.

Club Gear

All new swimmers to the Club receive a Club swim hat free of charge. Additional swim hats can be purchased from the Club Secretary or Membership Secretary at a cost of €7 each.
We typically order club t-shirts during September/October for the new swim season. Club t-shirts and club swim hats must be worn at all Galas.

Number of Members

The Committee shall agree the maximum number of members in the Club at any given time.

Membership Rules

It is deemed that all members must abide by the rules of the Club and of Swim Ireland.

Disregarding the Rules

Any member who disregards the rules of the Club, or who, in the opinion of the Committee, brings the good name of the Club into disrepute may be called to appear before the Committee. The Committee will have the Authority to warn, reprimand, suspend or expel any member.

If the member is not satisfied with the decision of the Committee, an independent arbitrator will be appointed with the agreement of the member and the Committee, and in default of such agreement, by the President of Swim Ireland to consider the matter.

The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications for membership of the Club at its sole discretion.

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