Moving Squads

Movement from squad to squad and within squads is carried out periodically by the coach. The following are the criteria for movement:

1. Attendance – regular (75%) attendance should be maintained in order to qualify for movement from squad to squad. A regular minimum attendance of 50%, including dryland training, is required to remain in the current squad. Swimmers falling below the minimum may be moved to another squad.

2. Competition – swimmers should enter and compete regularly into (galas) a. “A” Squad swimmers compete in accordance with their competition goals b. “B” and “C” should compete in approximately 6 competitions per year (2 From September to December, 2 from January to March and 2 from April to July) c.

Transition or Learning Class swimmers should compete in 3 – 4 galas over the season (Sep –July) and is age sensitive. No under 10 are permitted to enter licensed meets.

3.  Application in TrainingSwimmers, should be able to follow instructions, be on time and strive to improve

4.  Swimmers Age and Training History are taken into consideration by coach (es) when considering move ups

5.  Development Stage – The coach will consider the swimmers development stage to decide when best to apply training loads. By joining Tallaght Swim Team it is taken as understood by swimmers parents that the primary bench mark of improvement is measured by times achieved at competition.

Progress may vary over the span of a swimmers career, performance may plateau from time to time and this should be understood. The underlying philosophy of coaching upheld by the coach of Tallaght Swim Team is:

1. Swimmers should be better people for having participated in competitive swimming, having learned the benefits of applying themselves, goal setting and dealing with adversity.
2. Swimmers should understand that coaches work towards having swimmers performing at their best and achieving their goals.

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